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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Howloweenie!

Oh my DOG, it has been forever since my last update! I tried to open the laptop cover with my nose.. but, well, I don't have a very big snout (sigh.. one more point for longer-nosed dogs). Well, on the bright side there has been a lot of action. Not on the playing front but lots on the TREAT FRONT! I will elaborate further but let me tell you all about my weekend!!

Now, I must admit I am what some people would call a "low energy" dog. I'm slightly miffed by this description.. I think I'm energy efficient. However, this weekend I was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS! So Mum took me to the park so I could play chase-me-chase-you, but I was suddenly lazy when we got there.

Mum tried to get me to play by waving a leaf in my face..

But I would rather eat it!

Suddenly it started to rain, but luckily Mum didn't plan for it, so I didn't have that stinky raincoat on. So we went home, where Mum brought out that AWFUL REBEL THING that kept flashing bright lights at me. BOY, I DIDN'T LIKE IT!


..Wait until..

..I get my..

..considerably large PAWS ON YOU!

Mm.. so that's what a rebel tastes like! Mum finally put it away and just played tug o' war with me.. I think she got tired faster than me, but only because like I've said before, I'm such a robust and LOVELY specimen of a boo-dog. You are all welcome to sniff my considerable bum.

Oh, but more delicous than a Rebel (I know, how is that possible?) are HOWLOWEENIE COOKIES! Oh my dog.. I've never had a cookie THIS delicious before. And best yet? There wasn't just one cookie.. there were FOUR HOWLOWEENIE COOKIES made JUST for me!

The first 3 were from Mum's co-workers, who surprised her with a going-away dinner because apparently she's leaving her job! HOPEFULLY this means more time with her Studly Dudley.. because I am the most important thing ever in her life.. right, Mumsie?? At her new job, she will be selling all natural raw dog food and other doggy thingies.. so she says she might switch me over to raw food. My delicate skin is just so sensitive though.. OH, I just don't know!
Anyway Mum's co-workers knew how much she loves me so they even included cookies from Three Dog Bakery!! I feel so special =)

Mmm.. I'm eating my name-cookie.. this was the BEST cookie ever. I've never had dog-chocolate before - this was my first time. I seriously felt some stirring in my loins. Mum was jealous, she wanted to eat this cookie!

RARR.. I'll get that pesky cat!! Now, fellow doggies, cats are great.. to chase. And now that I know how good they taste, I'll make sure to chase them extra hard next time!!

I just came home from daycare in this picture.. which might explain why I look so tired. BOY, let me tell you dogs, daycare is FANTASTIC! Sometimes Mum can't take me to a dog park (there are none that are close enough to walk to and that lame-o can't drive), and a lot of the time I am too lazy to go on walks anyway so it's tough for me to get my exercise. So we found Pup Culture!! I love everydog there.. I am the ONLY dog there who never naps, all day long, and sometimes I'm there for 10-12 hours. Just goes to show MY PLAYING STAMINA..
Anyway, they gave me a TASTY cookie from the local Big Dog Little Dog Bakery and look, it even has Mum's nickname for me on it, 'Boo!'

Gosh.. soooooo good.. yum yum. Doggy icing.. they even have little doggy m&m's for eyes! All mine.. delicious.. *drooool*

This is me and Mum when we answered the door tonight. Aren't we a nice pair? I made an improvement to her head though.. I think she looks much more handsome now! But we only got maybe 20 pups at the door?! :(( My favorite pup was this little 3 year old boo-man.. he was a firefighter, and so small! I came up right up to his neck.. and I put my nose in his face and he pet it gently. What a nice boo-man, I wish they were all like that.. not noisy and all gangly and stuff, ugh. I especially don't like boo-mans who DRESS ME UP like a poof..

Anyway kiddos.. it's time for this English Boo-dog to hit the sack. Mum made this embarrassing video of me. Well, SOME might consider it embarrassing but I just think it shows my sensitive side!! Ahem, the only really embarrassing part is when my jowls start twitching.. I must be dreaming of my cookies!!
I hope you all had a FUN, scare-free Halloween FULL of treats =)

BURP & Cheerio!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Okay, Mum has JUST announced to me that I may not have computer access all weekend. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, MUM?? I must admit that I am not as agile as other big dogs (I consider myself a large dog - if only because I have the butt of one) and my paws can't always hit the right keys.. so Mum types for me sometimes.. shh, let's just keep that between you and I. Luckily she hasn't started inserting her own "notes" and "edits" so I think I'm safe for now.. or else the couch gets it!

Anyway, as some of you may or may not know, it is Howloweenie next week. I am excited because I'm told this means lots of candy.. today I got to eat some Rockets, mm, mm, they were good! But Gramma saw me nibbling on some ones that had fallen on the floor and BURP, is Gramma scary when she sees me doing stuff I guess I shouldn't be doing!! But it wasn't even my fault, because someone knocked them onto the carpet.. which is my domain. I had to relinquish them anyway.. darn.. keep your paws crossed that someone drops something else!

Not only does Howloweenie mean candy, but Mum tells me that for boo-mans her age it means you get to dress up and "chillax to the max." Mum speaks bad English sometimes, it's hard to understand her. She is 147 (not 84!!) in dog years, in case that explains anything. Are your boo-mans doing anything?
So boo-mans dress up for Howloweenie.. that's great. But leave me out of it! However, Mum thinks it would be fun for me to help her answer to door on Howloweenie wearing a - GRRRR - costume.

Okay who is this Snow White character and why am I dressed like her??

Mum says it looks like I ate a poison apple here..

Again, I'll take one more photo but I ain't looking at the camera.. in fact.. I'm not looking at anything at all!!

Mum is dressing up as a pirate, she thinks she is cute or something. WHATEVER. Clearly I am the more adorable one, despite being dressed up as Snow White. I would be the most adorable even if I was shaved and covered in chicken feathers.

Anyway, as I was saying, although Howloweenie involves CANDY and GREETING KIDS at the door - I am sure Snow White will delight them - it also involves Mums going out all weekend long, leaving beautiful boo-dogs at home. Hence, MSHOW! Moms STAY HOME on WEEKENDS! It is a new club that I am adamant about putting into action, so please show some support. Thus, Mum will not have the computer on for much of the weekend because she will be busy with other, non-boo-dog "things." HMPH!

Mum made a quick video to show that my testosterone levels are in no way effected by wearing a girly costume.

GRRRRR!! She likes to tease me with her finger.. she tried to pick my nose. I know she likes to take my toys so as soon as she touched my nose, I clamped my other paw on my rope! But I'm just playing.. I love tug of war, it is my MOST FAVORITE game EVER (next to "fart on Mum" and "dutch-oven"). I sound like a big meanie, but that is the ONLY time I ever growl. I am such a sweetheart. So sweet, that I DON'T KNOW WHY MUM WOULD LEAVE ME AT HOME. EVER. PERIOD.
I'm still going to go sulk on the couch.

BURP and Cheerio!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My silly playing..

Today Mum brought home a VERY pesky thing in a box. Apparently it was named after me.. since I'm such a Rebel (peeing on the couch and such - twice!). All I know is that I DON'T LIKE IT because she put me in the kitchen for an hour while she sat and pet the Rebel the whole time, ignoring me. I don't know what there is to pet, since there isn't any fur on it. Why wouldn't she want to pet my glorious brindle coat? BURP. She said that I am such a big galumph that I would wreck the thing.. stupid Mum.. doesn't she know what delicate little things us boo-dogs are?

Here I am trying to bite the box, because it's caused me so much grief!! A WHOLE HOUR in the kitchen.. they shoulda taken a picture of me and labelled it "Saddest Boo-dog In the Whole of Boo-Land!" HMPH.

Stupid "Rebel".. I don't know what you are, but I don't like you already!!

I guess the only good thing is that Mum has something else to take photos of aside from me.. I have yet to determine whether this is a good or bad thing. Whatever. I burp on you. Burp burp BURP!!

Finally Mum put the "Rebel" away.. it took her a long time, plus she even gave it a name. What a putz.. does anyone else have booman parents that are THIS NERDY? Anyway, finally she let me out the kitchy boy oh boy but then I wanted to play! Mum filmed me playing.. I guess this is okay, since the attention is back on me but ruh roh! I am having trouble figuring out how to put videos on my page. Mum is trying to help me. I guess she feels bad 'cause when I was trying to get her to play, she just took videos of me instead! Grr! That's why I grabbed the camera cord towards
the end and tried to take off with it.. silly Mum. She should know better by now.

Isn't it apparent that Mum sucks at taking videos? I had to tilt my head to watch this.. sheesh..

Licks and love nips to Miss Sunshade for giving Mum the idea to take videos of me.. THANKS SUNSHADE.. as if photos weren't bad enough!

And to add insult to a day full of emotional injury, I had to wear this dorky raincoat. I got this last year when I was still just a puppy.. let's just say it's quite the tight fit now, especially around my thick handsome neck. Look how unhappy I am.. I'm going to start a petition. No wait, scratch that, TWO petitions:
a.) MSHOW - Mums Stay Home On Weekends.. because I hate spending weekend nights alone when Mum is out being a potty animal. Who wants to sign??
b.) NMR - Mum is laughing at this one, because she used to take organic chemistry and thinks I am talking about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. No, Mum, I am not that smart.. this is my petition for NO MORE RAINCOATS!! I like getting wet with Vancouver rain.. best smelling rain EVER.

I can attest to the nuttiness of Mum, because she put this on me just so I could go outside for 30 seconds to take a squat. It was barely drizzling.. I am not a putz.. I am a manly manly boo-dog..

Alright, one more. But I refuse to look at the camera and you are so getting farted on tonight.

Whew! That was my day, fellow dogbloggers.. I hope your days weren't filled with being IGNORED and PUNISHED and MOCKED! Ohh and anyone who wants to comment, I will add your blog to my list of links there on the right.. I think all our dogblogs are wonderful and creative, so I want to share them with EVERYONE!

BURP and Cheerio!

Monday, October 23, 2006

My super fun day!

First of all, I want to give big slobbery kisses to all the dogbloggers out there kind enough to leave me a comment! Now, I'm not usually that big of a suck.. but.. *blush* aww who am I kidding, I really appreciate it. It makes me feel very welcome, in a world where longer-faced dogs reign king *sigh* :)

So yesterday, Mum finally took a day off work to take me to the monthly Vancouver Bulldog Meetup! I was really excited, because I haven't been there since I was a pup - but then, as it turns out, she took me to the wrong park! Mum's boo-friend took us to Charleston Park in West Vancouver (because Mum is silly and still can't drive! Plus the meeting was at COOPERS Park!) where I frolicked a LOT! Now, keep in mind that 5 minutes of tug-of-war and fetch with Mum usually does me in.. so imagine what 2 hours of romping with my new friend, Cisco the Pointer did to me!

Here we are! At the park.. boy, am I anxious to get out to play! I don't know where we are yet at this point, but it smells sooo good outside..

This is me and my buddy Cisco.. our butts at least! Wow, can Cisco ever run.. burrrrp.. here he is investigating his ball, but he soon abandoned it to play with me! That's my buddy :)

This picture is a little hard to see but I'm sure you can pick out my gorgeous frame, right?? This is False Creek.. there are LOTS of things to do around False Creek, like sit on a boat and look pretty. Some of Mum's silly friends once tried to swim in False Creek when they were "wobbly".. they got very sick! Mum says it's because False Creek connects with a sewage line? Hmm! I'll stick with the puppy pond at Charleston Park, thanks..

Another one of False Creek.. plus that Australian Shepherd there on the right - wow, talk about smart! Mum says I could do that stuff too but why the heck would I wanna when I could shmoooooze with hot French Bulldogs instead? Yeah that's what I thought..

..pantpant..pantpant.. Cisco is FAR too fast for me!! Then again, all the dogs were, but boy you should have seen Cisco jump. He leaped right over me a few times. He also smashed into Mum's legs too.. I thought it was funny because she almost fell over. She is so frail.. not like me.. robust and handsome! I was laughing.. can you tell?? Mum is such a putz.

I'm never happier than when I get to play with other dogs! See my toothy grin? I always squint when I play hard though.. I have a lazy left eye and it has always given me a bit of trouble. :(

I LOVE little dogs! LOVE LOVE LOVE. These ones didn't want to pay any attention to me though.. pooph.. and the one in the green jacket had no hair! Poor Frankie! I wanted to investigate some more but he wasn't having any of it.. so I went to go sniff some other butts.

But soon we had to go, because Mum's boo-friend had a "paper" to write. Honestly, what's with these people-boo's and writing things all the time? Mum absolutely had to have BEAUTY SHOTS of me.. she thinks I look extra handsome in a natural environment, instead of on the couch!

BURP & Cheerio!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My new hat..

This is going to be a short post, because Mum says she's going to take me someplace really fun today!! Sometimes I wonder who the real couch potato is in this relationship. Mum says she's been sick lately (that's what you get for leaving me at home on Friday nights!) and last night she spent the whole time barking. They say that Opy is THE gruffpup.. but I don't know, Mum was pretty grrrRRUFFy last night!

Anyway look what Gramma made me the other day.. a POMELO hat!

Don't let the expression fool ya.. I'm actually secretly delighted!

Now for those dogbloggers out there who aren't lucky enough to have smacked your jowls around a pomelo, it is basically a giant grapefruit. I mean, it's so big that the peel can sit on my ginormous head.. Mum thinks this is hilarious because she used to wear the pomelo peel hat herself when she was a kid. But who is she kidding.. she's jealous.. she's living vicariously though me: SHE WANTS TO WEAR THE POMELO HAT!

Hey, what gives? It's trying to eat ME.. sorry, Mr. Pomelo, it's gonna be the other way around if I ever get you off my face..

There we go, that's better.. ohh you do smell good.. burrrp..

All mine!!

Well, Mum's gonna take me to a special fun place now.. I wonder where it is.. she said I haven't been there for a year. Stay tuned, fellow dogs!

BURP and Cheerio!

PS - I'm sorry if I left multiple comments on your dogblogs.. the comment function isn't working very well for me lately :(

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Do I look like a potty animal to you?

My friend Rahlee's mum calls her a "Potty Animal" and I think it's sooo cute.
But Mum told me she was going to be a "potty animal" and went out tonight really late and left me at home to wonder why I couldn't go with her! She went to this place called The Cambie.. she said it's really dirty and full of people with big hair and skinny pants, and she didn't want me to be scared because I'm exactly UNLIKE that:
a) I am extremely hygienic.. and I wear eau de Doggette, to keep me smelling extra good!
b) My hair is very short. Gramma is always telling me how my hair gets stuck to everything.. she tells me all the time :) That must mean she likes it when my hair gets onto things, so I'll make sure to leave extra pilings of fur for her. I loves me my Gramma and I would do anything for her.. even part with my shiny, soft fur.
c) There is absolutely no part of me that's skinny.. so there will be no skinny ANYTHINGS for me! I like lean chicken though..

But Mum came home tonight and told me she made her mark at the Cambie for me, because she was thinking about me so much and telling her new friends about how good a dog I am. Plus, she felt guilty for leaving me at home! I guess I can let her go out and be a potty animal, too.. sometimes.. but mostly she should be at home and rule Boo-Land with me.

Look! Mum created a cartoon character for me. I think it certainly does me justice. Mum really likes to draw some really silly things so let her know if you'd like a dog-toon, too!

Anyway I'm sooo tired.. I stayed up way past my bedtime waiting for wobbly Mum to come home. I'm gonna go (BURP.. oh sorry, excuse me!) back to bed now and snuggle under the blankets. I learned a new word last night too.. it's "dutch-oven!" It's something fun you can do with your moms and dads too if you sleep with them. Give it a try, and if you don't know what it means you can ask me!!
Oh and apparently not only am I a potty animal, I am also a rebel because I just peed on the couch..

BURP and Cheerio!

Friday, October 20, 2006

10:14am.. far too early for a boo-dog to be awake..

YAWN! I must say, I'm still very tired from staying up so late last night tweaking my boo-blog. I will rest my eyes for a little bit longer, on this boo-tiful blanket that Great-Gramma must have made JUST for me.. granted, she made it about 15 years ago but I think she must have had her future grand-dog in mind!

It's unavoidable but Mum doesn't like it when I yawn near her because she says it smells.. just like the ocean! (What's an ocean? Someone will have to explain this to me.. maybe MJ? She's always playing in an ocean!) I have to admit, I have an enormous mouth when I yawn so I emit lots of dog breath, but it's all mintyfresh. A dog of my stature wouldn't have breath smelling like anything less!! Burp.. frankly, I don't think Mum has any place to talk because when I go to wake HER up in the morning she always blows HER stinky morning breath at me on purpose.. it would make me angry IF I wasn't such a refined, gentle soul.

Anyway this is an older picture of me but I just wanted to say you all can come and sniff my parts anytime. Today Mum says she will take me out for a hike after my Earl Grey tea, crumpets and bacon.. at least that's what she says it is, but then why does it just look like brown hard nuggets? Do any of you know?

BURP and Cheerio!

PS - do any of you know any other pretty bulldogs out there in dogblog land? I'm taking applications for a girlfriend!

Dudley is ONLINE!

I gotta say, kids.. they say that bulldogs (or as Mum likes to call them, "boo-dogs") are LAZY but I think Mum is the laziest of all! She claims she loves me but frankly if it took her this long to get with the program and get me a dogblog then I've got my doubts. I don't deny that I'm also a little lazy.. and a little slow.. and I like to fart a lot.. but I am a TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY (boo)dog! Therefore, all 70 pounds of me wants to be on top of things..

Now, chaps, that doesn't mean that I wear argyle sweaters (they would clash with my brindle tiger stripes, you know) and doggy boots, nor do I have a fancy studded collar and eat cat pate five times a day. No, I'm a modern dog by heart and by nature! I like to settle down and chew on a good book.. swirl some fine pill bugs between my jowls (July was a good month).. watch some BBC with Mum. Mum says I should try to get in touch with my English roots, and luckily her other boo-friend agrees because he bought the British version of "The Office" on DVD for me to watch! I think it's working because everyone says my bark has taken on a bit of an accent..

Burp.. I'm tired now.. my paws are too short - they just barely reach the laptop and my bone belly gets in the way so that doesn't help either. Plus, Mum put this big plastic collar around my head so I can't keep licking my paws.. she calls it a cone, but I don't know why she would. Cones are usually crunchy and full of sweet creamy goodness.. mm.. but this cone isn't tasty at all. I know, because I've chewed on it! I don't understand why she does this to me.. because first of all, I hate the cone, and second of all, my paws are absolutely delectable. Just let me lick them!
I think because of this unrefined and UNFAIR treatment, when Mum and I sleep together tonight I will let out some really silent but deadly ones under the blankets..

Just so you know how cute and composed I am, even with a plastic cone around my neck. See, I even help out with writing late night papers, but I get this uncivilized "reward" in return! Hmmph.. it's a good thing I have this blog to ease my indignancy.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this new dogblog. I'd like to meet some REFINED canines.. we can taste-test different months of bugs together and roll in dirt. Please leave me a comment and let me know who's been by to sniff my boo-blog 'cuz I'd love to sniff you back!

BURP and Cheerio!