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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Howlidays to all my pups!

A big BOOF and hello to all my pals in Dog blog land.. did you miss my mug? I thought it would be funny to stick my tongue out at all of you, but unfortunately the camera was too early (rather than late, for once) to catch the magnificent sight that is my fluffy pink tongue!

There is lots and lots to talk about to cover the last couple of weeks I've been missing out on. I still have many comments to return and lots of howliday wishes to give to everyone.. but first things first.. BRURRRPP.. now second things..

Back in the beginning of December I was overjoyed to receive a letter from my mainland lass, SUNSHADE! THANK YOU, my lovely Airegirl. Oh, how I sniffed and sniffed her card.. but not too hard, I didn't want her beautiful art to fall apart! She and her sweetie pie of a Mum sent me a SIGN to hang on my house, so that everyone knows I AM THE PROTECTOR of the household! Here I am, guarding my atrociously blue house and $13 bags of salt.

Indeed, I will always PAWTECT my Mum. And everyone else in the house. Oh, good news, we are not getting kicked out so we don't need to move anywhere.. kinda sucks.. Mum has to go to school and leave me alone at home, ugh. I thought maybe we could meet a trashy poodle or two if we went on the run!!

Here I am, truly savoring the last of Vancouver's giant snowfall. If I can't eat it, then I'm gonna pee on it. The rest of the lawn was almost entirely bare of snow, but of course I picked the last tiny patch to mark my spot on! My territorial mark should be both aromatic AND visual. I miss you, yellow snow!

Finally, Mum was finished exams so I could get her to MAKE MY XMAS CARDS!! I'm embarrassed she sent them out so late.. please don't look at the postmarkings.. sigh. So of course, I observed all the scrapbooking gear and made sure she toiled all the while. Clearly I am not capable of operating a whip but if I was, I'd sure be one to crack it. HEAR THAT, MUM?? Faster, knave, faster! ..shh.. don't let her see that I said that.. she just got me new biscuits..

Speaking of cookies, my doggy daycare sent me home with a very lovely package from Big Dog, Little Dog!! Miss Sunshade asked if my Mum worked there, because it is close to where we live and Mum made dog cookies for work too.. but alas, no!! A dog could only wish that their booman would bring them home tasty carob treats everyday. It's probably good that mine does not, because on Christmas I ate so many cookies I threw up.
(As a side note, Mum is SUPPOSED to work at a new doggy boutique downtown but that has been somewhat pushed back.. long story.. all I know is that this whole pseudo-working thing made Mum EXTRA WRINKLY this holiday season. I chewed her slippers though to keep her mind off of it.. I am such a good boodog..!)

Anyway, these are the contents of my delicious gift bag!! I know it's hard to see. In this picture there is (from L->R): my soft&floppy yet kissable jowl, a bag of bakery cookies, a SQUEAKY HOT DOG and Mum's Christmas pajamas.

Here are my cookies in all their gloriousness. There were gingerbread and liver cookie squares, a cookie candy cane coated in some pinkish substance (I can only hope it is icing, tinged with the blood of some small animal.. maybe a cat.. or a rhino..), a big flower thing and a giant stocking! They are sealed away to keep in the bakery freshness.. coincidentally that's the same tupperware that I take to daycare with me and Mum fills it with cookies. I should have asked Santa Paws for some bigger tupperware..

Here I am being teased with a giant cookie. I believe this is the canine dictionary definition of the word "unfair." Thus I am making this hideous face.

Mmm, that first cookie was good.. can I have this strangely shaped one next?? Can anyone guess what this is? I wracked my boodog brains.. Mum wracked her feeble booman brains.. and nothin'! Perhaps a deformed paw print?

BE FRIGHTENED, CATS.. this is what Hell will look like for you: THE INSIDE OF MY GIANT MOUTH! Slurrrrp! Down you go.. into the depths of my boodog gullet..

..Oh, and as a side note, I actually have never met a cat before but I have chased a few in my life! I just wanted to sniff 'em.. I swear..

Oh, and this is my very first squeak toy since I was just a puppy. I would never get them when I was growing up because Shilo (Mum's boofriend's Sheltie!) donated a bunch of his to me, and I just chewed them completely apart! Considering that Mum is a broke college kid, she decided that they were not a prudent fiscal choice.. hence, I got indestructable toys. BUT the thing is, pups, I really like toys I can destroy!! And ignore the ones I can't. I have never played with my kong.. nor have I ever played with my new strange lookin' (and also indesctructable) dog toy I got furr Christmas.. I'll show you it later.
Anyway this toy in the photo is a HOT DOG, it SQUEAKS, and I loved it for a whole day until I chewed the squeaky thing out. I wish Justin Timberwolflake could bring squeaky back.

Here I am with my Christmas gifts! However, you will notice that I look more baleful than ever. WHY.. WHY you ask?! Well.. it's because Mum left me home alone almost all day long on Christmas!! I mean, other boomans were home.. but they weren't Mum. THUS..

THIS IS MY CLASSIC LOOK OF PURE RESENTMENT. I scrunch my face up and glare. Mum gets it all the time (but she finds it endearing more than anything else.. what?!). Then again, I am going through my teenage years as a boodog and am entitled to being sassy and melodramatic. Also, I am very upset because NONE OF THESE GIFTS ARE FROM MUM. Yes, that's right - NOTHING from Mum. Well, she did buy me liver cookies but she didn't wrap em or anything.. ugh.. so jealous of all you other dogs in blogland that got warm looking coats and other cool stuff.

All these gifts were from Mum's boofriend. It's nice to see that someone appreciates my charm. Here I am trying to open the first one.. I admit that I had a bit of trouble, but nothing a boodog can't handle.

..especially when all a boodog has to do is look imploringly up at his Mum, and she opens the package for him! Ohhh such charisma we have. I almost cannot stand it.

I have to admit that large, crinkly packages scare me just a wee bit. Especially garbage bags. So this may well have been the gift from Hell.. it was wrapped in shiny, loud paper, which hurt my delicate ears. Once I tricked kindly asked Mum to open it for me, I reeled back when I saw *gasp* the dreaded white plastic bag!! Truly ghastly. I was only comforted when I realized the content was one HUGE buffalo knuckle. Hurrah.. a day of victory for boodogs everywhere!

All my gifts from the boofriend.. lovely, lovely boofriend. Mum says he's just alright sometimes but I quite adore him!! Don't worry, boofriend, you have a pal in me as long as you keep bringing me lovely gifts. That big red toy was the STRANGELY SHAPED INDESTRUCTABLE TOY I was telling you about earlier. When Mum saw it, she had a funny look on her face. I don't know why. Then her boofriend called her a pervy. I still don't get it.

Here I am somewhat posing with my alarmingly tiny cache of Christmas gifts. Please note my look of severe disappointment. Tsk.

A delicious Boxer Day treat.. chewing a rawhide candy cane from Mocha! Mocha doesn't like me, but he got me a toy anyway.. or rather his boomans did. Mocha is a very feisty 5 pound chihuahua.. I'm interested in him and would like to become his friend (I have already endeared myself to his boomans.. they called me gentle! Did you hear that, Mocha? GENTLE.) however I get the feeling if he was maybe 20x the size he is now, he would try to beat me up. :( The woes of being a boodog.

Mum very kindly made a video showing off my prowess at unwrapping gifts. Prepare to be amazed at how effective I am!!


The surface reason I am showing you my booman family is a) because I do indeed love them but more because b) EVIDENCE EVIDENCE EVIDENCE that they had a good time without me! I know - it is all quite freaking insane. On Christmas Day they went to the Vancouver Revolving Restaurant, where Mum tells me of this fantasty lunch they had called a "buffet" where there was endless food. Seriously, she likes to make stuff up to drive me nuts or something. From L->R, it is boofriend, Mum, uncle Tom (yet to find his cabin), a giant oil station of sorts, Grammamama, surrogate Mum, and a strange looking elf.

Ohhh man.. such a long post! I hope you all enjoyed it.. it took 2 hours.. and now I'm EXHAUSTED. Whew.. maybe I'll just curl up here and sleep, dreaming of bootiful MJ..

..and dream of things that make me go BARK in the night!!
Mum loves this video, she's been playing it all night.. what a psycho that lady is sometimes. Listen, boomans.. I know it seems endearing to take videos of your amazing dogs but please do this while we are AWAKE, CONSCIOUS and SOMEWHAT WILLING. Taping us while we sleep is somewhat-to-very creepy. Imagine if you will, boomans, how you would feel if you woke up only to find a blinking camera in your face. Imagine the sheer shock of realizing that someone was recording your most private and inanimate moments. Us boodogs feel that way too. I am now, in addition to insisting that Mums Stay Home on Weekends, boycotting the sleep video.

Happy Howlidays, pups.. I hope your New Years is SAFE! Do not drink champagne.. it makes you fart bubbles..

BURp and Cheerio!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas!

Hi everypup! All cards are out in the mail as of a few days ago.. sorry that I was late :( They will be New Year's cards then!! Imagine a New Year's party hat on my head instead of a Santa one, ok??

Christmas is a bit of a super-wrinkly-sad-face time right now for Mum and me.. we are trying to find a new place to live! I think it's an adventure - but Mum has been looking even more wrinkly than usual. She says it is tough to find a place in Vancouver that lets dogs live there too, especially giant 70lb boo-dogs like me (but I think rent should be free for all boo-dogs and their respective boo-mans). I will sit right beside Mum and help her hunt for a good place, though. She told me she will probably have to not go to school next semester to pay for rent but I SECRETLY am a LITTLE HAPPY to hear that.. not because I am not the greatest, more loyalest boo-dog ever.. but because that means she will get to spend more time with MEMEMEME!
I think that as long as we stick together, we will be okay :)

This isn't stopping me from having a good Christmas so far though.. daycare spoiled me with a treat and toy gift. I've never gotten a squeaky toy before because the likelihood of driving my household insane is very high. But I killed this squeaky hot dog looking toy I got.. now it's not as fun anymore to play with. I also got some gingerbread-y type cookies that are soooo good.. mm.. I love me my cookies.

Anyway boopups.. the last few months have been very stressful and extra wrinkly so that is why I haven't updated as much. I hope you understand! I miss blogging and reading everyone's blog, and hope that in the New Year I can get back at it more regularly. All your cards were the BEST PART of the Christmas season this year, and we really appreciate them! Mum is going away tonight but when she gets home tomorrow I'm going to ask her to go through all the cards again with me so we can get our Christmas spirits perked up again.

from your boo-dog,

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bad news, pups :(

Hey everydog.. FIRST OF ALL, pay lots of attention to the picture of those cookies! At her new job, Mum a) SPENDS SO MUCH TIME AWAY FROM ME and b) makes home-made doggy cookies! So here are some testers that she brought home for me to see which ones I like.. I liked them all.. there are some fruity Christmas trees (well, they're supposed to be fire hydrants), mini liver squares, liver and carob bones, and blueberry stars! NOW.. focus on those cookies and think drooly thoughts while I give you the bad news..

..Well.. burrp.. umm.. Mum and I are very apologetic, but we aren't 100% sure that all Christmas cards will get out to everyone by Christmas!! :( We are working on them tonight! She finally finished exams - whatever those are.. crazy boo-mans and the silly things they do. We are going to send out the Christmas cards that go overseas tomorrow, and the ones for Canada/USA on Tuesday.. I know it is very late, but even if you get them a day after Christmas, would that be ok?? My droopy jowls and wrinkly face implore you!

Please forgive us!! Does seeing me in my wussy Christmas scarf make you feel a little less angry at me? Everytime I receive a card from another pup, I glare at Mum to make sure she gets the message. Anyway, while I lie down on the couch, I will make sure that the overseas cards get done.

OH, and Wally the Corgador tagged me in a Christmas meme! How fun!! Here are The Rules (I don't like rules but I guess it's ok in a game.. unless these rules state that I must relinquish the tug toy).

The Rules: The player of this game starts with "3 things he/ she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/ she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.


#1. A huge boo-man sized stocking
#2. ..filled with delicious treats, like meaty jerky and bones and things I can tear apart..
#3. ..and WALLY!


#1. Mum being very busy this season and not PLAYING with me at home all the time!!
#2. An upset tummy.. resulting in icky poops.
#3. For anything bad to happen to anypup anywhere in the world, this season and beyond and FUR-EVER!

Happy Howlidays to all my furry friends :)

BURP and Cheerio!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More blogs added!

BURP! Hey guys, I've taken a couple of minutes out of my busy schedule of chewing barbecue rawhide bones to announce the latest blogs I've added to my links :) All of them are unique and fun, and I know some of them you'll have seen before but go visit again anyway!


Bond the Golden Retriever - another pal from Singapore :)
Bosco the Chocolate Lab - what a BOO-tiful coat this guy has
Sam-I-Am the Weimeraner - award for bloggest hard to find!
Tian-Shi the Pekingese - hooray for finding a forever home!
BLU and Comet - the first ones I received an Xmas card from!
Marvin the Cool Canine - an awesome dude from beautiful Scotland!
Samson the Boxer - Another stumpy butt and wrinkly face!

AND announcing Goldie the Maltese/Havanese X's NEW DOG BLOG! Goldie is Germaine's doggie.. stinky Germaine is my Mum's old co-worker! Mum tells me that on their breaks together all they used to do was talk about ME and GOLDIE! So, really, we are a pair of very special, spoiled pooches :) So, we have another addition to the local Vancouver dog blogs! HURRAH!

Let me know if you'd like to be added to my list.. I add anyone who comments, even if it's just to say woof. All our pawsome blogs should be shared with EVERYONE.. four-legged and two-legged alike!

BURP and Cheerio!

PS - Thanks to everyone so far for the Christmas cards! We are still making ours and hope to send them out this weekend *paws crossed*

[EDIT] PPS - We realized there are more dogs than we ordered photos for! There are 67 dogs that we counted (including all the new additions, plus the ones who requested to be taken off.. we still want to give a little canine Christmas cheer to you guys too!) but we only have 60 photos. Mum JUST ordered some more photos online to put into our cards.. this also means that not all of you will get the same cards because we bought 60 of the same type awhile ago. THEREFORE 7 special dogs will get different ones, but they'll never know heehee! We would like to hand-make every single card but we just don't have the time :*( In fact, Mum should be studying for her final tomorrow but I am CRACKING THE WHIP and demanding that she start some of these cards. We are still trying to be crafty this year so keep your paws crossed that Mum doesn't accidentally glue me to the table..


Monday, December 04, 2006

I'M BACK! ..with style.

OHHH it's been so long since Mum has let me blog. FINALLY! My paws have been crossed (I even tried crossing my dewclaws) and I have been EXTRA GOOD since last month. I thought maybe I'd been a naughty boy, and she was pawnishing me :( But as it turns out, there wasn't anything wrong with me.. it was her!

Well, here is what's been going down for the past month.. I wish I could tell you something more exciting, but I guess lazy days are just intrinsic to a dog's life, right?? I sort of remember this same time last year, Mum was also very, very busy. She still took me out for long walks and snuggled me a lot BUT even though I was still just a puppy she STILL would be gone for a few hours at a time, leaving me Mum-less (and oh so sad)! Well, here's the reason.. she says she's had lots of papers to do, but I know better. Here is what university students do, everyone, in case some of you have forgotten..
a) they stay up all night long typing away on "MSN" and texting messaging other people, who are also up late "writing papers" and "doing projects"
b) they fall asleep at 2am, and tell ME to wake them up "in an hour.. or two.. three, if I seem really sleepy.. good night.. Dud..leyyy.. " (Mum, I am NOT your personal alarm clock!)
c) they wake up at 8am and freak out because their paper is due at 4:30pm and they have not yet started it, yet they have had lots of ample time to do so
d) Mum says she "pawcrastinates" a lot by playing with me and snugglng my squishy face.. this is okay with me.

Here is a picture of me GUARDING Mum's notes! Nobody is allowed to sit on her notebook but ME! Whenever she spreads her books out on the floor I like to nibble and then sleep on them :) They make great cushions. This was from her American Lit essay session on Saturday night.. shh, don't tell her that I told you this but she didn't do anything all night long! Heehee.. still, chalk one up for the MSHOW (Mums Stay Home on Weekends) alliance..

This was from an all-nighter session.. a silly presentation she had to do for her Victorian Lit class on Gregor Mendel! I know, how silly, right? Oh well.. I don't know about books but I like peas..!

Yawn, yawn, yawn.. Mum really likes to leave stuff to the last minute. First of all, this photo was STAGED.. I was only sleeping on ONE book and a notebook! How did THREE books get there? Must have been the work of an evil boo-man!!

Well, I'm not sleeping on any books in this one; however, I did lie down right in front of the heater to take a nap and thus blocked Mum off from studying her notes! I think she should study the art of dog massage.. and then put her talents to good use.

Other exciting news, pups? Well, I'm sure you guys all saw Sunshade's photos on her blog and you'll know it SNOWED here in Vancouver! Hurray!! But before there was snow.. there were DUDLEY'S LEAVES!

These are ALL MINE!

Mum dragged me out one morning for pictures.. but brr, it was still chilly out and all I wanted to do was sleep. I settled for lying in the leaves but only because I was coerced with cookies.

I love cookies! And for my blog's version of "Where's Waldo?".. there is half a Milkbone hiding in those leaves.. can you find it??

Finally, here are my stitches from my entropion surgery. Dr. Smith said he was DEEElighted with the results :) Mum says I look extra handsome now, but we still have to see him for one more check-up.

Now, maybe a week or two ago we got a special letter in the mail..

Who could it be for?

IT WAS FOR ME!!!!! Mum let me try to open the envelope, but I don't have a lot of finesse so she just got a pair of scissors instead. I'm a little insulted.. why get scissors when you have my razor sharp fangs??

My first DogWithBlogs Christmas card! THANKS A TON TO COMET AND BLU!! You guys made our day :)

And this all leads to..


The first few tentative paw steps..

I like to run circles on my balcony and ruin the perfectness!

I got a snowflake in my eye!
("That's what she said..")
It also shouldn't surprise you that these photos were taken in the middle of the night, when Mum was pulled yet another "all nighter." :p

Then we went inside to have some Christmas oranges.. a delicious 3am snack! Mum let me have my very own orange.. burrrrp.. at first I wasn't sure what to do so I tried to peel it just like boo-mans do!

I ate my orange segment by segment, too! But since then, I've been given a few more oranges and I've found a better way to eat them: CHOMP AND CHEW!

A foggy view of our city's mountain from our front window!

This was our first real SNOWDAY in Vancouver. Classes and appointments were cancelled (Mum wasn't too happy because she wanted to take me to see Dr. Gary) and Mum and I spent the entire day playing in the snow! But, we didn't take any photos in the front yard because Mum was afraid I would find something to run away to.. I was bad and ran away to investigate some scents and enjoy my FREEDOM when we were hiking the trail 2 weeks ago and she's been scared I'll do the same thing again. She can't be as extra careful if she has a camera in her hand. (I'm quite the rebel!)

I wish I could have gotten some photos of me in the front and back yards to show you. The snow came up PAST MY SHOULDERS! It was so much fun to gallop through it all. We didn't get as much snow on our balcony but I still had tons o' fun.

Mmm.. snow is one of my favorite holiday treats!

My drool icicles :)


Snowballs.. the only type of ball that I am fast enough to catch!

PHEW.. Mum let me show off a LOT of my photos to make up for my long hiatus. I missed reading your blogs and I know I've got lots to catch up on!

BURP and Cheerio!