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Monday, March 05, 2007

Play the guessing game!

I'm going to make a post soon about my mysterious favourite animal. I'll give you a few hints as to its identity!!

a) They are possibly even lazier and more lethargic than me
b) They look like they are always happy - like me!
c) They have sharp, dangerous claws.. who does that remind you of? Me!
d) Mum thinks they are adorable and boo-tiful too, but not as adorable and boo-tiful as myself
e) BURRRRP.. sorry, that wasn't a real clue but I just had to.
f) Some people think they are scary-looking and truthfully they are potentially dangerous. Like me, with my boo-dog fangs.
g) They sleep.. a LOT. Does that sound familiar??

Put in your guesses, pups!

BURP and Cheerio!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fast life in the slow lane..

So Mum and I have converted over to the new Blogger (yes, yes, it took us long enough but we were REALLY reluctant!). Blogger kinda tricked us into it, those jerks. We're still seeing what the changes are but shh right now I don't know if I like it!! The drag-and-drop function is neat but we think we'll stick with the HTML entry option because strangely Mum says it's easier to use. I don't know what it stands for.. maybe Hot Tasty Meaty Lamb?! In that case, I think she should drag some HTML from the 'fridge and drop it in my mouth. Haha my jokes are always so good!

Wait, that was a joke.. right?
But regardless ..mmm .. Hot Tasty Meaty Lamb sounds pretty good right about now!!
You can see in this photo that I have a physical abnormality. I didn't really ever want to point it out before because frankly I am a little embarrassed, but my right eye is a little wonky! (My right.. your left in the photo) It's my LAZY eye and sometimes when I play tug'o'war really hard, my right eye will jiggle and twirl in its socket while the other left eye stays perfectly still, focused upon the rope I must destroy. The vet says there's nothing wrong with my sight, though.. I can still spot a crumb from a mile away.

So speaking of crumbs.. the other week, Mum was eating a soft, fluffy thing called a "sponge cake." I watched her eat it, and frankly got a little excited. She wouldn't share any with me at first, but when looking upon my pining eyes she just couldn't say no!

Plus she thought she drool bubble was pretty funny too.
So she gave me just the tiniest bit of cake. She knows it's not good for me but we both pretended that it was.. for that brief moment in time. Frankly I don't need any more sugar than what I get in my daily fresh fruit (apparently I am already a bit of an eccentric nutter without all those extra sugary good carbs!) BUT the boo-dog face wins everytime.
..I won't lie, the cake didn't taste like anything and wasn't even that good. BUT if it's good enough for a booman, then it's good enough for a dog.. especially if it seems like that booman really didn't wanna share in the first place.
Witness how I simultaneously wooed and frightened Mum with my tentacles of drool.

This is photo evidence of what living with a jowly dog is like. Slobberies everywhere! First thing in the morning is the worst, because I sleep on the couch with my jowlies flopped all over the cushions. Then I drool a little bit in my sleep and the lint/fluff from the cushions gets imbedded in my drool. Then the drool hardens, encasing the unlucky lint in my sap-like drool.

Then I wipe my jowls on an unsuspecting table and my overnight collection of lint is deposited neatly onto the edges!
My booman family is starting to realize there is a line of linty slobbers lining the walls of our house.. suspiciously right at the height where my head is. I don't know what the correlation could possibly be.

It's a bit belated but I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!
I was reading everyone's blogs and it seemed like everypup was getting a special treat from their boomans.. I was feeling stung and a little left out. Valentine's Day came.. and went.. I didn't even really see Mum on Valentine's either because she has class until 10pm, and frankly that is way past my bedtime.
BUT on the weekend, she and the boofriend went to this Vancouver restaurant called Saltlik. Now, as Mum's mind is forever on my handsome face, she got really excited when she saw something on the menu. It said...
Side Dishes:
Baked potato.. 6
Seasonal veggies.. 4
Asparagus.. 7

The take-out box!

A DOG..err, a dog! I'm a dog!! So Mum brought me home a real doggy bag!! I didn't know what to expect when she brought home that big crinkly brown bag but I knew it contained all my stummy's hopes and dreams. I was hoping inside would be someone's leftover prime rib that they didn't want but what I got was even better.. two big raw bones!

I've never had a raw bone before so Mum was very excited to see how I would like it. She put down a towel and put the bone down on it (but me being the nosy bum, I was already sitting on the towel before the bone was there). After some sniffs, I proceeded to devour my delicious treat..

BURRRRRRRRRP what a delicious bone!
This devouring took two hours!! Does it usually take you other BARF eaters that long to eat a recreational bone? These ones weren't really meaty but I liked to just chew and gnaw away all the same, with a contented look on my face. I was very good about keeping it only on the towel but I didn't want to touch it with my feets! I would only use my big jowly jaws, even though it would have been much easier to grip the bone with my paws.
But once this big ol' truck drove past my kitchen window and let out some big HONKS. I got a little spooked but of course I thought, "I must save.. the bone!" So I jumped up, grabbed my bone and ran away. Mum made me bring it back though!

They were really tasty bones but they upset my tummy :( And I have been very, very itchy for the past two weeks so Mum doesn't know if she should keep buying me more bones. She got me another and my tummy felt okay when I ate that one, but I have been licking my paws a lot now and scratching my armpits. Before I would never lick and scratch.. I only do that when my allergies act up. I licked all the fur off one of my paws and now the skin underneath is all raw, so I'm wearing a cone now until it heals.. I have a tendency to keep licking and licking at it even though I'm hurting myself. Oh the things I can get away with when Mum is at school!! (Boodogs have a high pain tolerance so sometimes they are self-destructive/mutilating and they can't tell because they don't feel anything!) I also scratched a big scabby underneath my armpit so Mum is on me every single time I try to scratch it because she doesn't want it to turn into an infected hot spot.

Bottom line: I am such a fragile little boy!

BURP and Cheerio!

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