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The Biggest Boo in All of Boo-Land

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A day at the bark park

What a horribly long time it has been since I've last blogged! Alas, unlike these birds in the photo I did not get to fly away into the sunny blue yonder. Instead, life has revolved around napping and attempting to get Gramma to ply me with treats. I must say, the former has been much more successful than the latter but that's what happens when you depend on others for happiness!

Luckily as I type this, Mum is satiating my boo-dog-sized hunger with cashew nuts. This allows me to focus better on my blogging because I'm not constantly thinking of eating and thus I bring to you the adventure of the week.. other boo-dogs!

Last week was the monthly Vancouver boo-dog meet-up. Now, I am a little loathe to call these other specimens boo-dogs because that would mean they are every bit as special as me.. however, since I get to eat delicious nuts and they don't, I guess I can be generous. There's handsome ol' me on the left, refusing to fraternize with my fellow breed! I BURRRRPPpp at you!

However, a boo-dog can only resist a good sniff for so long. That we have such short muzzles enables us to really get into the good parts when we go in for the huff! That black doggy (who not a boo.. I can't remember what he was, but he must have felt emasculated next to all the rest of us robust specimens) was very patient with our nasal ministrations.. I'm there in the back, waiting eagerly for my turn!

Soon I met another boo-dog of comparable handsomeness. Frankly he wasn't as big or strong, so I went easy on him as we tussled. It looks as though I'm whispering sweet nothings in his ear (don't worry, Wally, I could never cheat on you!) but actually I'm about to CHOMP on it!

He circles from the left..

He circles from the right..

DUDLEY FTW! OTHER BOODOG FTL! Just kidding, all boo-dogs are winners for the obvious genetic reasons. Notice that I don't ever let Mum get a good photo of this boo's face.. I just can't deal with the competition! He was a good lookin' guy though..

Born freeeeee!! I really like the bark park. I get to run and run and run with other dogs.. or rather, they run and run and run and I try to catch up. I got to play chase-me-chase-you with this tiny girl terrier - she kept teasing me with her frisbee!! I swear I didn't really want it but the way she shook it in front of my face.. how could any dog say no?

The other boo-dogs left quite quickly, which was a bit of a disappointment. It's hard to see boo-dogs anywhere else other than bark parks because we don't really like going for walks (I know that must sound insane to some of you other dogbloggers!). But then I made friends with some other cool dudes there, like this big yellow lab! The angle of the photo makes me look really big next to him but he was actually quite a bit taller (and *ahem* more agile) BUT we both weighed the same!! Mum says I'm such a tank. I'm inclined to agree. She also calls me a heifer but I don't really know what that is.. I assume it's something very masculine and strong!!

[[Mum: *ahem*.. don't tell him..

..that this is what I liken him to!]]

Mmm and finally no day of fun is complete without being handfed cookies! Now, all I need are some hot and sassy pit bulls, airedales and blue heelers to wave palm fronds.. <3 And maybe a corgador, too!
This photo also makes me look very big compared to Mum. That is because I am. Very big. Big big big.

And I realize that Valentine's Day is coming up.. 9 more days! And 2 more weeks until Wally's Burpday.. we share a very special love.

I hope all my boo-tiful girls don't put me in the man house for being a neglectful dog lately :( Rest assured that I think of you every day! I rufff Sunshade because she shows her tolerant and rare maternal side with Jaffa. Although I cannot sire any boo-dales, it's nice to know that if we could share a family together Sunshade would know how to care for our pups! I rufff MJ because, like me, she is a true couch potato but still knows how to rip it up in the bark park. A dog needs some balance. I rufff CKC because she is a patient and gentle lady, and didn't complain once through the whole time her Mum was sick with barkitis. I have a lot to learn from her! And I rufffff Wally because he is such an intellectual.. I'm always learning things from him. Plus, he's got those nice short legs - I can really identify with that!

In short, I hope everyone's Valentine's is full of bones. Hehehehe I am so clever.

BURP and Cheerio!